Can eating ever really relieve stress?

Can eating ever really relieve stress?

While stress is an emotion we all experience, everyone’s coping strategies are different. Some may turn to food for comfort when faced with a difficult situation or problem, which can sabotage weight loss goals.

“When it comes to eating out of stress or comfort, really there are other ways to cope with those problems,” says Rachel Goldman, a psychologist specializing in health and disorder eating.

One way to gain control of your food cravings and learn how to manage emotional eating is by practicing mindful eating. With the ReShape® weight loss program, you’ll have access to a team of professionals who will teach you healthy eating skills like mindful eating that will help you change your relationship with food and achieve long-term weight loss. Your ReShape weight loss coach will help you determine how to listen to physical hunger cues and distinguish between actual hunger and non-actual hunger triggers so you can replace negative thoughts and reactions with more conscious, healthier responses.

For example, whenever you notice that you feel like eating, try pausing to ask the question, “Am I hungry?” Then, instead of reacting mindlessly, ask yourself the following questions to identify if you really are physically hungry. By practicing this mindful eating approach, you can finally break old automatic eating habits that cause overeating and discover options that work better for you.

If you continue to find yourself eating during stressful situations, try packing healthy snacks in case you find yourself on edge, or if your coworkers decide to order-in an unhealthy meal. Protein bars, apples, and berries are just a few great options to consider. With ReShape, you’ll be able to ask your weight loss coaching team which types of snacks are best for you and your weight loss goals.

The yearlong ReShape weight loss program is designed to help you succeed. In addition to the important nutritional counseling it offers, the ReShape weight loss program begins with a non-surgical procedure to jump start your weight loss. During the procedure, a dual weight loss balloon is inserted in your stomach to help you feel fuller with smaller portions. The motivation, tools, and education you’ll receive from your ReShape team during the first six months while the intragastric balloon is inside your stomach and during the last six months after the gastric balloon is removed will help you learn how to change your relationship with food and achieve life-changing weight loss.

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