Health Coaching Drives Patient Behavior Change, Weight Loss

Health Coaching Drives Patient Behavior Change, Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, there seem to be hundreds of different ways of achieving it, and just as many opinions that can be overwhelming and contradicting. While many avenues may lead you to some health-related benefits, there’s one resource that stands out as being extremely effective when trying to lose weight: the help of a health coach.

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine titled “Delivery of Health Coaching by Medical Assistants in Primary Care,” health coaching is hugely successful because it puts the responsibility directly into the patient’s hands. The health coach does not drive the management, but instead, guides the patient through it.

“Health coaching focuses on internal motivation and encouraging goal setting that is defined by the individual,” the researchers explained. “The premise of this study was that information is readily available and community resources are in place to support healthy lifestyle strategies. The coach was simply the catalyst to elicit goal setting and to formulate a plan for implementation of steps to reach goals.”

ReShape® Medical understands just how important the concept of health coaching is, which is why you’ll receive a full year of comprehensive coaching as part of the ReShape weight loss program. In addition to the personalized coaching that focuses on changing your eating habits, enhancing your physical fitness, and adopting a healthier lifestyle, the ReShape weight loss program also includes a dual intragastric balloon that has a higher filling capacity than any single gastric balloon to help you feel full and less hungry. After six months, the balloon is removed, and coaching resumes for another six months, focusing on your weight loss and improved healthier lifestyle.

As part of the coaching, you’ll also receive a wireless scale and comprehensive patient guide book to help you stay on track and reach your goals, as well as access to the exclusive ReShape patient portal, which helps track your progress, activity, and food intake.

ReShape patients who have participated in the yearlong weight loss program credit the personalized coaching with helping them maintain their weight loss after the weight loss balloon is removed. Patients who were also highly engaged on the portal lost 100% more weight compared to those with low engagement.

The ReShape weight loss program is designed to help you lose weight and help you maintain lifelong healthy habits to keep it off for good. To learn more about the ReShape weight loss procedure, visit or find a nearby specialist.

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