Inspiring Instagram Accounts to Follow for Portion Control

Inspiring Instagram Accounts to Follow for Portion Control

One of the major factors that can help you achieve your weight loss goals is proper portion control. The unique, dual intragastric balloon exclusive to the ReShape® weight loss program works by taking up room in your stomach, so there’s less space for food. You can still eat healthy foods you enjoy, but the dual weight loss balloon acts as a built-in portion control. The gastric balloons help you feel fuller faster and have a higher filling capacity than any other intragastric balloon, taking up more room in the stomach.

With ReShape, you’ll be able to eat a variety of healthy foods that’ll satisfy your cravings while maintaining your weight loss goals. The following Instagram accounts recommended by our ReShape ambassadors are a great example of satisfying portion-controlled meals to inspire your meal planning with the ReShape dual weight loss balloons.

Registered dietitian and natural foods chef Miranda Hammer’s Instagram account features simple recipes that are portion controlled and include a healthy mix of protein, fat, and complex carbohydrates.

Follow Gina Homolka’s account for weekly dinner plans—complete with shopping lists and recipes—that are nutritionally balanced and portioned controlled.

With a perfect mix of nutritional tips and snack ideas, Amanda Meixner’s Instagram account provides great meal prep portion-control recipes to ensure a balanced diet.

Start following these helpful Instagram accounts today for inspiration with every scroll. With the help of portion-controlled recipes and the ReShape weight loss balloon you’ll be even more motivated to achieve your weight loss goals!

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