Meet the Winners of the ReShape 2017 Inspiring Stories Contest

Meet the Winners of the ReShape 2017 Inspiring Stories Contest

ReShape Lifesciences™ hosted its annual Inspiring Stories Contest, created to reward participants who shared the most inspiring stories about all they’ve lost and all they’ve gained with the help of the ReShape Balloon™. After receiving hundreds of stories, we are proud to announce our grand-prize winner, Lisa, who received $10,000 and two second-place winners, Joseph and Amy, who each received $5,000. Congratulations!

Lisa (on right), 53, lost 80 pounds (41 percent total body weight loss)
Before the ReShape weight loss balloon, Lisa was suffering from excruciating pain in her back and joints. Worried about high blood pressure, diabetes, and other diseases associated with obesity, she knew her health was in danger. Her desire to live a healthier, more active life was a major factor in her decision try the ReShape Balloon Procedure.

“I was initially interested in the ReShape Balloon because it did not require any altering of my organs. It was a procedure I could feel comfortable with and one that I could get back to work with immediately.”

Lisa attributes her success to the ReShape intragastric balloon and personalized coaching that comes with the Reshape Balloon Procedure, saying it helped keep her accountable, pushed her to meet her weight-loss goals and more importantly, taught her how to eat mindfully. “I’ve changed the way I eat. I eat for fuel and every morsel that goes into my mouth tastes amazing because I know why I’m eating it. I think before I do anything now and that’s the biggest mindset change one can make and I’ve made it. I’ve gained so much freedom and independence because of ReShape and I’ve lost an additional 20 pounds after the gastric balloon was removed.”

She is confident that she will keep the weight off for good and recommends the ReShape intragastric balloon procedure to anyone who is ready to achieve life-changing weight loss. “Whatever illness or thing that is haunting you, if you don’t take care of yourself, you’re going to be dealing with medications or surgery. That’s what I did and I decided the way I was living wasn’t the right life for me—having a quality of life—that’s what’s right. I’m no longer on any medication and that is a huge blessing. I am able to walk for more than 15 feet without having any pain in my back. I’m able to do things I had never even thought about, like training and competing in a half marathon!”

Joseph, 44, lost 72 pounds (25 percent total body weight loss)
Prior to the ReShape Balloon Procedure, Joseph tried various weight loss methods, including dieting and exercise, but nothing seemed to work. It wasn’t until he returned home from a family vacation that he decided to get serious about finding an option that would finally work for him.

“I went on a cruise with my family and we took a lot of pictures. When we got home, I was able to see the photos, and it was just, wow. I could not believe I let myself get to that point. I was embarrassed and decided now was the time. And mentally, I was determined to get it done.”

He had heard about the ReShape gastric balloon and decided to go that route after speaking to others who had tried surgery. “I definitely did not want an invasive procedure. The ReShape Balloon Procedure is non-invasive, non-surgical, and allowed me to continue my lifestyle and gave me an avenue to have a better life and learn better habits, and not be as invasive as surgery.”

Joseph says the insertion and removal of the ReShape Balloon went very well and impacted his diet tremendously. “Prior to the ReShape Balloon Procedure, I would go to a buffet and would get a plate of food, go back and get another plate, then go back and get dessert. After the procedure, I’d go and get half a plate of food and not be able to finish it. That’s when the mindset kicked in that it’s okay to leave food on your plate. You don’t have to eat until you’re full, just eat until you’re satisfied.”

It’s been four months since Joseph had the ReShape weight loss balloon removed and at first, he a was a bit nervous that he would go back to his old habits. Not so! He’s since lost an additional 12 pounds and is motivated to keep going and continue the healthy lifestyle habits his personalized coach has taught him. He is committed to his new, active lifestyle and says his wife, son, and daughter are extremely proud of him. “The ReShape Balloon Procedure definitely gave me the opportunity to have my life back. When I was in high school and in the military, I was very active. Then I stopped being active and thanks to ReShape, I’m able to get that lifestyle back, and I truly appreciate it.”

Amy (on left), 33, lost 42 pounds (21 percent total body weight loss)
Amy, a fifth-grade teacher, knew she had finally reached her weight loss goals when her students were in awe after seeing their teacher and barely recognizing her. “I saw the shock on their faces and I said, ‘Yeah, it’s me.’ Then one of the girls gave me a hug and said, ‘I can actually put my arms around you now!’”

While some might have taken offense to this comment, Amy did not. After hearing it, she knew she had finally achieved her weight goals. After trying various options, including liposuction, a tummy tuck, and other popular weight loss programs centered around points and diet foods, she felt defeated.

“The liposuction and tummy tuck did not work for me because it was just a quick fix and I was under the impression that those things would last. And the weight loss program was something fun to do because you could count points and win points but that didn’t work for either because I would just use all those extra points and never lose weight. Nothing was manageable or realistic.” She thought she would never lose weight until her doctor recommended the ReShape gastric balloon.

What sold Amy on the ReShape weight loss balloon was the fact that she wasn’t alone. She had support from a dietitian whom she could call whenever she needed. Having access to her coach whenever she needed gave her the education and science behind her eating and lifestyle habits and how to correct them.

“My coach would talk to me about portion sizes and the value of proteins and a balanced diet, which was a big deal for me. And to understand why those portions worked and why I needed certain vegetables and fruits made a big difference,” she says.

Amy says her life after the ReShape Balloon Procedure has changed dramatically. She is way more active with her students and children at home and says her relationship with her husband has also changed for the better. The confidence she has now has helped her in every aspect of her life, whether it’s shopping, speaking up at team meetings, or helping others at her local fitness club with workouts and exercise routines.

“The coaching experience really changed the way that this is compared to any other program I’ve been on. I had support 24/7. I could email, call, do whatever I needed, when I needed to. If I had a feeling like I needed ice cream and I gave them a call, they could talk me out of it. So, it’s been really great to have the support and that’s what your coach does, they support you.

The ReShape 2018 Inspiring Stories Contest is currently open to all ReShape Balloon patients. To enter, click here for more information.

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