One Size Fits Sometimes: Woman Creates a Plus-size Brand for Others Like Her

One Size Fits Sometimes: Woman Creates a Plus-size Brand for Others Like Her

Shopping for plus-size clothing in most department and retail stores can be a less desirable experience. With limited options, tucked away sections, and less-than-friendly salespeople, a nice day out shopping can quickly turn into a stressful event.

As a woman who wears a size 18, Alexandra Waldman understands the struggle larger women have when trying to shop and find a style to call their own. She decided to do something about it, and co-founded Universal Standard, a clothing company for sizes 10-28 that will exchange and replace clothing purchased for up to one year with a new size if the original sized purchased no longer fits.

“We want to remove the anxiety of shopping for your future self,” says Waldman. “Love yourself as you are, and if you gain [weight], if you lose [weight] within a year, we will replace [your item] for free. Just send us what you bought and we will send you back your new size.”

Just like Waldman, Mariam desperately wanted to upgrade her wardrobe from the plus-size clothes she hid in. She had hoped the ReShape weight loss balloon would help her overcome the unhealthy relationship she had with food. And it did.

“The ReShape weight loss procedure taught me how to build a healthy relationship with food, as well as self-control, and how I have power over food.”

With ReShape, a dual intragastric balloon is placed temporarily inside a patient’s stomach to help them feel full and satisfied with smaller portions. With a higher filling capacity than any single gastric balloon, the ReShape dual intragastric balloon helps jump start weight loss. In addition to the gastric balloon, the ReShape program includes 12 months of support from a team of a doctor, registered nurse, and dietitian, personalized coaching with customized nutrition and exercise plans, plus meal planning. And with tools like the exclusive ReShape online patient portal and app, patients are able to track weight, activity, and food intake — all while receiving 12 months of coaching support to help with accountability and empowerment.

Mariam believes the ReShape weight loss balloon program has been the best decision she’s ever made. “My favorite part of having lost the weight is that I finally get to style myself, enjoy all the trends that I’ve always wanted to enjoy, and express myself in fashion like I’ve always wanted to.”

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