<em>ReShape</em><sup>™</sup> Procedure Featured on Popsugar

ReShape Procedure Featured on Popsugar

The New Procedure That Promises Big Weight Loss

If you overeat and don’t have the willpower to stop yourself, the pounds will pile on, and one day, you’ll find your doctor putting you in the “obese” category. If you’ve tried every diet in the book but found them too restrictive to stick with, there’s a new nonsurgical procedure that takes 15 minutes and serves as built-in portion control.

It’s known as the gastric balloon, and it’s marketed under two names, the Orbera (single balloon) and the ReShape (two connected balloons). How does it work? Once the patient is sedated, a doctor uses an endoscope (a tube with a camera on the end) to insert a deflated balloon through the mouth, down the throat, and into the stomach. The balloon is then filled with saline solution, taking up space in the stomach, so the person feels less hungry and loses the urge to overeat. It stays in for six months, deflates, and is then removed.

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