<em>ReShape<sup>®</sup></em> Success Story Contest<br> $5,000 Winner

ReShape® Success Story Contest
$5,000 Winner

Mariam’s Story

The ReShape program was the best decision I ever made. At the age of 29, I wanted to make sure I completed my 20s with one goal accomplished: getting healthy and losing weight. I looked at options and wasn’t convinced or comfortable with liposuction or gastric bypass. After learning about the ReShape gastric balloon and how safe it is, with no permanent changes to my stomach, I was excited and ready to sign up. Since the procedure, I’ve lost 62 pounds.

ReShape has taught me how to build a healthy relationship with food, as well as self-control, and how I have power over food. Now, I understand the importance of fueling my body with the nutrients I need in order to have a successful and healthy day. With all the weight I have lost, I can’t help but be excited and proud of the decision I made to change my life. There is no better feeling than taking good care of your body, and with ReShape, I am able to do that every day. I am confident that I will continue to live a healthy life, even after completing the yearlong program.

No matter what motivates you, the dual ReShape weight loss balloon and personalized coaching can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Get started by finding a physician in your area!

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