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ReShape® Success Story Contest
$5,000 Winner

Kay’s Story

My story is not unlike many other overweight people. Before ReShape, I had been struggling with my weight for over 20 years. I had reached a really low point in my life where I no longer enjoyed going out with my family and friends. I also spent several months as my mother’s primary caregiver, and as her health declined, mine did as well. The loss of my mother on Christmas Eve 2015 sent me to an even lonelier place. After she passed, it took me months to get myself together and realize that I needed to make some changes.

I saw a billboard advertising the ReShape weight loss balloon and it sparked my interest. I couldn’t wait to learn more and scheduled my consultation appointment that very day. I had tried everything but a weight loss procedure or surgery. The thought of a non-invasive medical procedure along with a lifestyle coach sounded perfect for me. I met with the team of physicians in Dothan, AL, and was so impressed with their track record of being able to help patients meet their weight loss goals that I made an appointment for the procedure. For the first time ever, I decided to invest in my future and myself.

The first few days following the procedure were a little rough due to nausea, but with the medications prescribed, I was able to quickly get the very minimal side effects under control. I began walking outside and started to enjoy it for the first time in years! I still enjoy walking and have even started working out at the gym. It really is true how much exercise helps with stress and how it also helps with personal reflection and growth. I would recommend ReShape to anyone that is fed up with yo-yo dieting. I’m down 45 pounds and just weeks away from achieving my weight loss goal of 50 pounds.

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