<em>ReShape<sup>®</sup></em>  Success Story Contest<br> $5,000 Winner

ReShape® Success Story Contest
$5,000 Winner

Mayda’s Story

ReShape has not only changed my life for the better, it also has had a positive impact on my patients. As a family practitioner in Wilmington, DE, I see so many patients with weight problems and the diseases associated with obesity. In 2002, I suffered a horrible accident and after five months, I returned back to my practice in a wheelchair. It took me almost three years to learn how to walk again. My life was very sedentary, and I was using my physical disabilities (several knee surgeries) as an excuse to be overweight. I counseled my patients to exercise and eat healthy every day, but I was doing the opposite. My health was getting worse and I decided I needed to start practicing what I preached. I tried to lose weight on my own and dropped 17 pounds in nine months but I was still on blood pressure medication. With my BMI at 32 (obese) I decided to try the ReShape intragastric balloons.

On February 19, 2016, weighing in at 182 pounds, I had the ReShape Procedure. Two weeks after the procedure, I was off my blood pressure medication and feeling great! I continue to eat healthy and exercise and am now down 32 pounds in six months. Now I’m happy, healthy, and confident! I can walk 12-15 miles a week and just recently started weight training. My body would never be in the shape it is today without ReShape. Thanks to the ReShape intragastric balloons, Dr. Halbert, Dr. Irgau, and my nutritionist MaryAnne, I am able to push myself and look forward to meeting all my weight loss goals.

I continue to inspire several patients, family, and friends to be healthy and exercise. The journey is not over, but thanks to ReShape, I am committed to my body and health.

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