Starting Off Right with Goals

Starting Off Right with Goals

Goals are Fundamental to Your Success
Goal-setting is an essential part of your weight loss journey. Setting goals for yourself, tracking them, and evaluating them are important parts of staying accountable for your own success. They will help you stay focused on what’s important and identify areas that may need improvement. Keeping track of your goals can also be motivating.

Identifying Your Goals: The Basics
You should have already set your weight loss, daily fitness, and nutrition goals when you first registered for the portal. These goals are key to your weight loss and help keep you on track with healthy living. A variety of different factors, such as your past eating and activity habits, and weight trends, will help determine goals that are unique to you. Be sure to review your goals with your coaches at your next appointment.

Personal Goals: Using the Portal
During registration you also had the opportunity to select personalized goals for yourself. To update or add to your personal goals, you can visit the goals section on the dashboard.

In this section, there are common goals which are available by selecting from a drop down menu. They are categorized as motivational or take action goals. Motivational goals are the things you want to that are not weight related. For instance, “Being more active”, or “Trying a new activity”, are goals you can set to keep you motivated towards a more active lifestyle. Take Action goals are specific behaviors that are tied directly to weight loss, such as “Eating on a smaller plate”, or “Drinking more water”. You also have the option to create custom goals for the goals that matter most to you!

Remember to include goals that are realistic, relevant, and keep you motivated beyond just losing weight. These goals are a simple, empowering way to remind yourself of how much you’re achieving with the ReshapeTM Procedure!

Monitoring Your Goals
You have the ability to track the progress you are making towards your goals with various tools on the portal. You can view your progress by generating summary reports of your weight loss, daily nutrition, and daily fitness. This detailed information is very useful for reviewing with your weight loss coaches. To generate this report, select the section labeled: “Share Data with Doctor” on your dashboard.

You can also evaluate your progress towards your personal goals with the slider tools in the goals section. Are you just starting out, half way there, or have you completely met your goal? Determine where you are with achieving each goal by moving the slider from left to right.

Keep in mind that certain goals may require more frequent updating than others, but remember to check in from time to time to update your goals and review your progress.

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