Carmelia lost 35 pounds with ReShape®*

When she was in her 20s, Carmelia could eat whatever she wanted and skip the gym for months at a time. As she got older, this lifestyle began having a negative impact on her waistline, her health, and her self-esteem.

“I gained weight as I got older. I ate a lot of fast food. I didn’t work out. And it showed. The weight kept coming on.”

Desperate to free herself of the 35 pounds she’d gained over the years, she tried fad diets, over-the-counter pills, and weight loss shakes, but nothing helped.

“When I started ReShape, it just worked immediately.”

For Carmelia, the dual weight loss balloons offered a mental edge that no other weight loss program had by making her take her efforts seriously, which made her more willing to do the work and make the lifestyle changes.

Carmelia got the real jumpstart she needed to start eating right. “The balloons actually helped me control my eating, and over time, I started eating less. The counseling helped me to make better food choices. That combination together was what worked and clicked for me.”

“Once I started to see the effects and changes that were taking place in my body, I felt like a new person. I could wear clothes I hadn’t worn in years. People were complimenting me. My life was changing in a very good way.”

“With ReShape, I’ve gained so much! A new lifestyle. A new body. A new wardrobe. New friends. A whole new outlook on life. Thank you, ReShape!”

Two years later, Carmelia has kept the weight off and still loves her healthy new lifestyle. And because the program worked so effectively for her, she recommends ReShape to family, friends, and anyone who is serious about losing weight and gaining back their health.

*Results and patient experience may vary.