Kellie lost 35 pounds with ReShape®*

When Kellie realized that her extra weight was keeping her from “being there” for those who mattered most to her—her family, the classroom full of kindergarten students she taught—she knew she had to make a real change.

“My weight issues started after pregnancy. I was a stay-at-home mom for a while and slid into a pattern of behavior that was very difficult to change. When I was finally ready to make a change and lose weight, I tried basically everything known to mankind, from starving myself to injections.”

As a veteran dieter, Kellie knew to be wary of anything that promised big results overnight. She also knew that she needed to work on adjusting her attitudes about food and herself, not just what she ate.

“It was a total lifestyle change!”

ReShape made sense to Kellie: in addition to the dual weight loss balloons, she liked the idea of learning new habits. She also liked that the weight loss balloon insertion was quick and painless. She was able to go home that same day, and she went back to work just a few days later. “The balloons really helped because they made the initial weight loss happen quickly. Seeing that success and proving to myself that I could lose weight without a crash diet—that made a huge difference. It was the right step for me that led to my success.”

Kellie is so happy with her new body! She feels great in her clothes and shopping has become a pleasure. But for her, the biggest benefit was feeling healthy and getting her energy back. “My health has improved tremendously. And I just have so much more energy! I teach kindergarten so I like to be active and motived with those kids…my weight loss helped so much, and my whole family is so proud of me.”

“If you’re on the fence about ReShape, you just need to know that you have nothing to lose except the weight!”

Since Kellie herself is a “people person,” it’s not surprising that her ReShape weight loss team and the one-on-one counseling played the biggest roles in her weight loss success. The coaches took a personal interest in her health and well-being, and at every stage of the program, they outlined her options and helped her set goals. “In the past, it was just me and when I would fail, I wouldn’t start back up again. But on ReShape, you really don’t have that option! I would see my counselors, and they helped me stay motivated.“

“Thank you, ReShape, for all that I’ve lost: 35 pounds and bad health. And all that I’ve gained: good health, the respect of my family, and I got my energy back!”

*Results and patient experience may vary.