ReShape Weight Loss Success - Mariam

Mariam lost 62 pounds with ReShape®*

Mariambefore losing weight with the ReShape gastric balloon

At the age of 29, Mariam decided to accomplish one major goal before entering the next decade of her life: to get healthy and lose weight. Not only did she feel like her health and self-esteem were suffering, she desperately wanted to upgrade her wardrobe from the plus-size clothes she hid herself in. She was also tired of following one fad diet after another to no avail.

Mariam had hoped the ReShape weight loss procedure would help her overcome the unhealthy relationship she had with food. And it did. “The ReShape weight loss procedure taught me how to build a healthy relationship with food, as well as self-control, and how I have power over food.”

“Physically, I feel great. I feel like this is how I was meant to be my whole life and I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner.”

What surprised Mariam the most was discovering how much she enjoyed the one-on-one support from her nutritionist. “I was able to do monthly meetings, which were very, very helpful to me. It helped me stay accountable.” Any time Mariam faced any type of challenge, she was able to lean on her weight loss coach with any question or concerns she had.

Mariam believes the ReShape weight loss balloon program has been the best decision she’s ever made. “My life has changed drastically since the procedure. I’m happier and comfortable in who I am. I always knew this was something I would be able to accomplish. And the fact that I did is something I’m greatly proud of.”

With the help of the ReShape weight loss program, Mariam lost 62 pounds

After achieving life changing weight loss with the ReShape gastric balloon, Mariam feels great!


“My favorite part of having lost the weight is that I finally get to style myself, enjoy all the trends that I’ve always wanted to enjoy, and express myself in fashion like I’ve always wanted to.”


†Limited-time rebate. Procedure must be scheduled by September 28, 2018. Terms and conditions apply.
*Results and patient experience may vary.