Mary lost 30 pounds with the help of the ReShape weight loss balloon.

Mary lost 30 pounds with ReShape®*

Before the ReShape weight loss balloon, Mary struggled with high cholesterol.

Mary had struggled with her weight all her life, but as her cholesterol levels began to spike, she knew it was time to get serious and finally do something about it. She understood it was going to be difficult, being that she had no support system, and the friends she did have always seemed to bring her down every time she brought up her weight loss goals. That’s when she decided to undergo the ReShape weight loss procedure for herself and no one else.

“Hearing about the ReShape weight loss procedure finally gave me hope and I’m so happy I went along with the procedure.”

After just six months with the ReShape gastric balloon, Mary has lost 30 pounds, lowered her cholesterol, and is in great health. The accountability and knowing that her ReShape weight loss team had her back and was rooting for her to succeed was very important to her, too. “The program itself was positive. My results have been remarkable for myself and the people around me where it just strives me to push harder.” Now, Mary is achieving things she never thought she could do, and continues to lose weight.

After six months with the ReShape gastric balloon, Mary lowered her cholesterol and is now in great health.

Mary credits her weight loss success to the ReShape gastric balloon and personalized coaching she received from the ReShape weight loss coaches.

Mary says her new, healthier lifestyle continues to push her to meet even more goals. “When I think about the ReShape weight loss procedure, the most beneficial thing is self-confidence where you know there’s no end. There’s only room to go forward.”

“My favorite part about all the weight off my body is I feel good. I smile with a purpose because I know internally and in my heart I’ve never felt so good.”

†Limited-time rebate. Procedure must be scheduled by September 28, 2018. Terms and conditions apply.
*Results and patient experience may vary.