Michelle lost 32 pounds with ReShape®*

Everyone has a different reason for wanting to lose weight, but for Michelle, it came down to: “I didn’t want to feel that I couldn’t do everyday tasks, and I didn’t want to feel tired in the day for no reason.”

Not only did Michelle feel like her health was suffering, she felt self-conscious about her weight in social situations and wanted to upgrade her wardrobe from the shapeless, plus-size shirts she hid herself in.

Michelle had dieted in the past. “I struggled with my weight my whole life, so when ReShape came around, I was ready.”

"Before ReShape, I was tired all the time and I was always out of breath."

ReShape started a new chapter in Michelle’s life.

“The transformation you’ll make and the support that goes behind it…it’s amazing!”

After the weight loss balloons were inserted, Michelle took advantage of all the tools to help her learn a healthy new lifestyle. What surprised her most was how much she was enjoying herself and discovering new things. With a varied menu plan and one-on-one support from dietitians, Michelle never got bored with what she ate.

The weight loss balloons, personalized support, and the new sense of accountability all kept Michelle on track and excited about her progress in the program. “You just feel better about yourself, so you want to eat right and keep losing weight.”

Michelle gained healthy habits, confidence, and a new wardrobe!

“The people that helped me through the process were great. They went over my diet plan with me. My nutritionist was always giving me extra ideas as to what I can eat, and she would switch it up a little bit for me. And the coaches were always there, helping me with new ideas for exercise if I got tired of doing something that I was getting in a routine of.”

“Thanks to ReShape, I’ve lost 32 pounds, a couple of dress sizes, and baggy clothes.”

ReShape worked wonders for me! It changed my life. It made me a more active person, made me feel better about myself, and made me happier! It was a good experience for me!”

*Results and patient experience may vary.