Patrick Lost 65 pounds with ReShape®*

Patrick started to gain weight in his 20s—a little bit here, a little bit there. As he got older, the extra weight impacted his quality of life. “I was worried I wouldn’t be there for my family.” He couldn’t “keep up” with his son, his friends gave him a hard time, and he didn’t have the confidence he wanted.

As ready as Patrick was to shed the weight, one thing he absolutely would not consider was weight loss surgery.

“Some of my relatives had weight loss surgery. It seemed very uncomfortable, and I didn’t like the fact that it was irreversible and that their bodies would never be the same.”

“I was ready for a change in my life when I heard the ReShape ad on the radio. The timing was perfect.”

At a ReShape seminar, a doctor spent time getting to know Patrick’s goals and concerns and gave him in-depth information on the ReShape Procedure. Given Patrick’s discomfort with the idea of weight loss surgery, he had some minor concerns about the dual gastric balloons. His doctor explained that the procedure was not a surgery, and that if he was not comfortable, the weight loss balloons could be removed. After the dual weight loss balloons were inserted, Patrick reported, “After some initial nausea while I got used to them, I could not feel the balloons inside me at all. I was still able to exercise and not feel them.”

Patrick committed himself to the program, adding exercise and new foods to his lifestyle, and the weight loss happened quickly. “I really love ReShape for two reasons: it’s noninvasive and you don’t have to alter your body. And the program teaches you how to eat correctly and retain your weight loss.”

Patrick also enjoyed the support from his doctors, nurses, and fitness coaches. “I don’t know if I would have been as successful without that support group.”

“I feel great, with new confidence. I can shop for the clothes I want to wear, and I don’t have to buy XXL shirts.”

ReShape didn’t just change Patrick’s body: it changed his work, the health of his family, and his life. He’s more confident now: “When I walk into my job, I’m ready to go! I’m not feeling timid about who I am.” While Patrick was in the ReShape program, his family supported him and ate healthy meals together—and that’s become a habit. Patrick can keep up with his son now, and he no longer worries about being around for his young daughter.

“My friends and family, my wife, and children noticed a big difference in who I am. And my weight loss with ReShape just made family life all that better!”

*Results and patient experience may vary.