Virginia lost 72 pounds with the help of the ReShape gastric balloon.

Virginia lost 72 pounds with ReShape®*

Before the ReShape weight loss procedure, Virginia was yo-yo dieting and didn't feel like herself.

A lifetime of yo-yo dieting had taken its toll not only on Virginia’s body, but her spirit, as well. “I had fallen into a major depression. I was always the life of the party and suddenly here I was overweight, aging, and I was at a wit’s end as what to do.”

Virginia felt like she had lost the bubbly, life-loving person she had once been, and she didn’t know if she would ever see that person again.

Virginia had tried so many weight loss “schemes” in the past, losing hundreds of pounds only to quickly regain them back. “I tried everything, but didn’t want surgery.” Then she heard about the ReShape weight loss procedure, “I thought this is really what that I need. I need the jumpstart. I need the support. And I’m a strong enough person that I can get on with this and be myself again.”

“The overall care experience that I had with the office team was phenomenal.”

For Virginia, the ReShape gastric balloon was the jumpstart she needed to put her on the road to weight loss success.

When Virginia learned about the ReShape weight loss procedure, she knew ReShape would work for her. “What makes this weight loss program unique is they don’t box it up and tell you to go home and have a good day. They tell you what it takes, give you a jumpstart, and give you the tools to help you keep the weight loss off for a lifetime.”

For Virginia, the weight loss balloons were the jumpstart that put her on the road to weight loss. “The first few days, I felt the gastric balloon and had a little nausea, and then that subsides and they just became a part of me. I couldn’t feel them, but I knew they were there—keeping me from overindulging. And with the gastric balloon in, the weight started to fall off.”

Having the built in support of the ReShape gastric balloon and weight loss coaches helped Virginia achieve her weight loss goals.

The accountability and knowing that her ReShape team was invested in her weight loss journey and rooting for her to succeed—was very important too. “The ReShape weight loss procedure offers what no other program did. You have the weight loss balloons helping you feel full, and then there’s the support, so you learn how to manage on your own. They’re always there for you, so I didn’t want to disappoint them and I didn’t want to disappoint myself.”

Virginia worked hard and her efforts paid off. “For me, the benefits included the weight loss, the ease in mobility, and the feeling of being myself again.”

“Just being able to get up and look in the mirror everyday now and smiling at myself and at the new person that I am is priceless.”

After achieving her weight loss goals with the ReShape gastric balloon, Virigina feels like a new person.

†Limited-time rebate. Procedure must be scheduled by September 28, 2018. Terms and conditions apply.
*Results and patient experience may vary.