Survey Reveals Surprising Mismatch Between Perception and Reality of Obesity in America

Survey Reveals Surprising Mismatch Between Perception and Reality of Obesity in America

After decades of sharp increases in obesity, a newly published survey called ACTION (Awareness, Care & Treatment In Obesity Management) finds that Americans remain clueless about their own obesity, and doctors are too busy, too embarrassed, or ill-equipped to help them.

The survey shows that despite a general consensus among the group which recognized obesity as a disease, there is still a strong belief that weight loss is a patient’s responsibility. In addition, only half of those with obesity actually perceived themselves as “obese” or “extremely obese.” The rest of the group (48 percent) considered themselves to be “overweight,” and two percent believed they were “normal weight.”

The group also reported a relatively low concern or knowledge about the impact of weight on their future, which may contribute to why most of these patients are not seeking medical attention for their disease.

Among medical industry, the survey shows that establishments are still trying to figure out their role in addressing obesity, and addressing a population of patients that may not know if they need or have the right to request help when losing weight. And while doctors reported they understand the serious risks associated with obesity, only 1 in 3 felt “somewhat comfortable” or “a little comfortable” raising the issue, and waited for patients to broach the subject.

Since there is “no imperative—moral, financial or otherwise—to treat obesity,” some doctors, “are taking the opportunity to overlook it,” says Harvard endocrinologist Dr. Lee Kaplan.

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