This Is How Much Money You Can Save By Losing Weight

This Is How Much Money You Can Save By Losing Weight

Turns out, losing weight is not only good for your health, it’s good for your bank account, too.

According to research from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, weight loss can be one of the best assets to your financial health. This is largely due to the need for more medical costs and loss of productivity caused by obesity.

The research suggests that a 20-year-old who goes from being obese (BMI of 30 or higher) to overweight (BMI of 25 to 29.9) would save an average of $17,655 in direct medical costs and productivity losses over his or her lifetime. If that same person were to go from being obese to a healthy weight, which is considered a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9, their average savings would jump to $28,020.

“Over half of the costs of being overweight can be from productivity losses, mainly due to missed work days. This means that just focusing on medical costs misses a big part of the picture, though they’re a consideration, too,” says Bruce Y. Lee, executive director of the Global Obesity Prevention Center at the Bloomberg School. “Productivity losses affect businesses, which in turn affects the economy, which then affects everyone.”

The study also finds that after the age of 50, the largest cost savings occurs when an individual jumped from the obese category to normal weight as opposed to moving down to the overweight category. This finding is important because it emphasizes the significance of weight loss as people age since the 50 and older population accounts for more than 60 percent of incremental social costs, which include higher taxes to support government insurance, higher copays, and other out of pocket expenses.

In addition to the healthcare costs associated with obesity, Americans spend billions of dollars on diet programs, gym memberships, weight loss supplements, food delivery services, and other weight loss products and services. For patients tired of spending more and more money on healthcare and other costs associated with obesity or weight loss, the ReShape® weight loss program may be a great option.

Unlike traditional diet programs that you pay into each month, the ReShape weight loss procedure is a one-time cost that includes gastric balloon insertion, gastric balloon removal, and 12 months of coaching, education, and weight loss support. The ReShape weight loss balloon costs will vary by region. On average, the procedure and a full year of the ReShape weight loss program costs $8,000 or only $22 a day*. Financing options are also available in most practices!

ReShape has helped patients lose up to 81 pounds in six months and has taught them how to adopt healthy lifestyle changes they can sustain for years. Click here to speak to a ReShape specialist and find out if it’s right for you.

*Pricing will vary based on the ReShape practice in your area.
†Results and patient experience may vary.

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