Tips for Working Out at Home When It’s The Last Thing You Want to Do

Tips for Working Out at Home When It’s The Last Thing You Want to Do

When it comes to weight loss and adopting a healthy lifestyle, just getting to the gym is half the battle. To help you resist the temptation of not working out, Greatist has compiled a list of tips that’ll motivate you to workout at home, even if you don’t feel like it.

  1. Find your digital fitness fit: Find a workout that you can actually do and will enjoy doing at home. Today, there are so many options you can find by simply browsing online. You’ll want to look for workouts that don’t require too much equipment.
  2. Pencil it in: Schedule a time for your workout and add it to your calendar or daily schedule. This will help to keep yourself accountable and allow you to plan your day or week around your workouts.
  3. Set your space: Set up a “mini gym” inside your home where you can conveniently place all of your workout essentials. This way all of your equipment is in one place and you won’t have to track it down before your workout. Being prepared can help eliminate barriers and excuses.
  4. Dress for success: Athletic apparel is currently on trend, so take advantage by throwing on gym clothes as soon as available. One study suggests that simply wearing workout clothes can help motivate you to exercise.
  5. Go public with it: Share your success! After completing a workout, share the details with friends or family. Sweaty selfies and encouragement from your loved ones can keep you motivated and feeling satisfied.

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