Jump Start Your Weight Loss

ReShape Dual Weight Loss Balloons

ReShape jump starts your weight loss by placing two connected saline-filled gastric balloons, made of medical-grade silicone, inside your stomach for six months. The weight loss balloons take up room in your stomach so there’s less space for food and you feel full faster.

Dual Balloon. Single Procedure.

Only the ReShape gastric balloon features an advanced design that offers key benefits to you.

ReShape Weight Loss Balloon Larger Capacity

A larger capacity than other weight loss balloon systems, taking up more space in your stomach

Single Procedure, No X-Ray

Inserted in a single procedure with no x-rays required

ReShape Weight Loss Balloon Prioritizes Safety

Prioritizes safety by minimizing the risk of migration

ReShape Improves Comfort

Improves comfort by conforming to the natural shape your stomach

How It Works

ReShape Weight Loss Balloon No Surgery, No Scars

With ReShape, your doctor will gently insert the weight loss balloons through your mouth (endoscopically), with no incisions or scars

Not a permanent implant

Unlike weight loss surgeries, ReShape is not a permanent implant and does not permanently reroute your digestive system

Completed in about 20 minutes

Insertion of the gastric balloons is completed in about 20 minutes, with no hospital stay required; you can get in and out and on your way to weight loss


Proven Weight Loss without Surgery

Clinically proven, ReShape is helping people around the world lose weight and keep it off. But perhaps most importantly, our patients are embracing their futures, improving their health, and feeling more confident than ever.

Lost up to 81 lbs with ReShape

ReShape patients have lost up to
81 pounds in just six months1

Lose 2x more weight with ReShape weight loss balloons

ReShape patients credit the personalized coaching with helping them maintain their weight loss after the weight loss balloons are removed2

Keep the weight off with ReShape

Patients highly engaged on the ReShape Portal lost 100% more weight compared to those with low engagement2

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2. Ponce J, Woodman G, Swain J, et al; for the REDUCE Pivotal Trial Investigators. The REDUCE pivotal trial: a prospective, randomized controlled pivotal trial of a dual intragastric balloon for the treatment of obesity. Surg Obes Relat Dis. 2015;11(4):874-881.

*Results and patient experience may vary.