Weight Loss Roadblocks You May Encounter in Your Office

Weight Loss Roadblocks You May Encounter in Your Office

Hectic work schedules, eating on the go, company lunches, sitting at a desk for hours – these are just a few of the obstacles employees face when they’re trying to lose weight. Learn what dietitians, Lauren Blake and Angel Planells tell their clients about common diet mistakes people make at work and how to fix them.

Get Up
Sitting too long can have a negative effect in helping you achieve your weight loss goals. Next time, take the stairs, or go for a walk around the office every 30 to 40 minutes.

Pack Some Snacks
Make sure you have some healthy snacks so you’re prepared next time you get hungry.

Stop Stressing
Since high levels of stress can lead to fat storage and sugar cravings, Blake recommends giving yourself small breaks or going for a walk to manage stress levels.

Don’t Eat At Your Desk
Choose a common dining area instead of your desk, which will most likely contribute to mindless overeating.

Get Some Sun
Blake recommends you try and get some sunlight throughout the day, which can help contribute to a lower body mass index (BMI) level.

Don’t Forget Your Lunch
Packing your lunch is healthier than eating out. If you do opt to eat out, be sure to order a meal that includes a lean protein and veggies.

Don’t Let Bad Habits Rub Off on You
Sometimes, colleagues who don’t really appreciate or understand your weight loss goals may offer sugary snacks throughout the day or ask you to join them for a drink after work. Learn how to say no, or if you can’t abstain, try taking just a small portion of a treat, but not too often!

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