What to do after your Gastric Balloon is Removed

What to do after your Gastric Balloon is Removed

Its not over yet!

At this point, you are halfway or six months through the ReShape Balloon Program. Now that your gastric balloon has been removed, it’s important to know what to do. While maintaining your healthy new habits and redefining or establishing new goals as needed.

Think about the goals you have set so far. How many goals have you accomplished? Have you met your primary goals? Are you progressing towards your remaining goals?

To help assess how well you are maintaining your healthy habits and continuing to build off your accomplishments, we’ve created this helpful guide.


At this point in the Healthy Living phase, you have probably learned some healthy new eating habits and tried new recipes to help support your weight loss efforts moving forward. Consider the questions below to assess what you have learned and how your nutritional life has changed since the procedure to ensure you maintain your healthy new habits and continue your success.

  • How have your daily eating habits changed since the gastric balloon was removed?
  • Has it become easier to eat healthfully?
  • What motivates you to eat right?
  • Are you hitting your daily caloric goal? If not what is working for or against you?
  • Are you eating the right amounts of produce, protein, and grains?
  • What foods have you learned to avoid?
  • What new foods have you discovered that you love?
  • Are you thoroughly reading food labels when purchasing food?


Use the questions below to assess how you are doing with your overall fitness so you can continue to improve on your goals.

  • Have you been following the advice of your fitness coach? Have you been able to steadily increase your activity levels?
  • How is your energy level?
  • Which workouts do you enjoy the most?
  • Have you tried any new activities that you enjoy?
  • Which workouts leave you feeling energized?
  • Which aspects of your fitness do you still want to improve?

Talk to your fitness coach about your overall progress, activities that you may want to change or add, and how to develop good fitness habits for long-term success.


Throughout your procedure we’ve introduced you to some new behaviors – ways to set yourself up for success and make healthy living attainable. Take a moment to reflect on some of these changes to make sure you continue doing things that have worked for you.

  • Have you maintained a positive home environment for healthy living (e.g., keeping healthy foods readily available)?
  • Are you using the Patient Portal to log your meals, activity, and goals regularly?
  • Are you making healthier choices regularly?
  • When you go grocery shopping, do you prepare a list to ensure you are purchasing healthy and nutritious foods?
  • Do you prepare healthy snacks and meals in advance?
  • Are you sitting down and being mindful when eating?
  • Are you planning ahead and making healthy choices when dining out?
  • Do you find yourself “eating emotionally”?
  • Do you ever eat when you’re not hungry? If so, what are the reasons behind eating?
  • Are you getting discouraged by setbacks?
  • Have you been able to recognize and celebrate your successes?

Remember that healthy living is more than just about what you eat and how many steps you take, it’s a commitment to yourself and to a positive way of life. Celebrate all you’ve accomplished so far, and continue to build on your successes – you may even exceed the goals you set at the beginning of your journey!


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