Will I regain the weight after using a gastric balloon?

Will I regain the weight after using a gastric balloon?

About 80% of patients undergoing a weight loss procedure gain a little weight back, which is why we place so much importance on consistent tracking, follow-up, and support after your gastric balloon is removed. A small amount of weight gain is normal.  However, when the numbers on the scale creep up, it’s time for a check-in!

Why Patients Regain Weight after the Gastric Balloon is removed

Patients may gain some weight back due to a variety of reasons.  Many include the return of old habits such as:

  • Ignoring the scale – keep an eye on the scale, and weigh yourself daily or weekly so you’re aware of any changes.
  • Not counting your calories or portioning out your meals – accountability with keeping a food log helps to realize your current eating habits. You may be eating healthy but not realizing the calories are adding up to be higher than your daily goal.
  • Too much snacking – everyone needs a snack once in a while, but make sure you actually need a snack (and are physically hungry) instead of mindlessly eating.
  • Not exercising regularly – schedule planned physical activity weekly; weight maintenance without regular exercise or physical activity is very difficult.
  • Not dealing with emotional eating – be aware of your emotions currently and review strategies that help you cope with your emotions without using food for comfort, stress relief, etc. Make sure you seek out help if needed.

 Being Aware of Weight Gain

Maybe you’ve notice your pants are a little snug or you’re feeling sluggish.  These could be signs that you need to take a closer look at your eating and exercise behaviors and get back on track.

 Getting Back on Track

Getting back up after a slip up (or a few) can be difficult.  Start with a plan or list of goals you know will help you get back to your ideal weight.  Make sure to:

  • Stick to nutrition basics and consume meals that are full of lean protein and produce (fruit and veggies), and limit extra snacks and the intake of liquids that contain a lot of calories.
  • Continue recording your weight, daily meals and physical activity on the patient portal to keep you on the right path.
  • Plan for a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise or physical activity weekly (or 30 minutes, 5x/week).
  • Follow up regularly with your coaches to help give you the motivation and encouragement you need to be successful.

Remember, all weight loss procedures along with the gastric balloon are only a tool. You’ll need to continue with your lifestyle changes to ensure your long-term success!

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These are suggested guidelines. Follow the recommendations of your physician and consult your healthcare providers before modifying your diet and exercise.

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